There's an old maxim which says, "it's not the thing you didn't know that trips you up, it's the thing that you didn't even know that you didn't know that gets you." Experience is the one essential ingredient that keeps most of those surprises from happening. Experience is the library of past surprise circumstances you've encountered and the solutions you've developed to handle them. It's what is needed when a "how to" manual or an internet video can't solve the problem. Experience is also observing over time how applied methods and processes hold up over time and in various applications. We have that experience.


It would be fantastic if the pool refinishing business required an 8-hour day, 5 days per week, with all weekends and holidays off. It would be fantastic, but that's not how real life and real weather and real schedules work. In order to maintain completion schedules and work around a variety of setbacks or obstacles, an adaptable and flexible attitude is necessary. Our experience, when coupled with our knowledge, helps us know what and how to adapt in order to get your project done.


If experience is what you acquire over time in a variety of circumstances, knowledge is what you go out of your way to acquire before it's needed. With 4 major paint types, each with its own characteristics, and application benefits, cementitious and chemical sealants, a variety of surface contaminants that could undo an otherwise great paint finish, and the temperature and weather-related limitations of each product, knowledge matters. We bring deliberately acquired knowledge to your job and the methods we'll select both in choosing the correct coatings and sealants, and in how to effectively apply them.

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